Allergy Injections/Immunotherapy

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If you are referred for an allergy consultation, we require the following preparation:

No antihistamines, over-the-counter cough, cold, or flu medications including Gravol, (which contains a decongestant) for five (5) full days prior to the visit.

Asthma puffers, Allergy nasal Steroid sprays and Eczema creams MAY BE CONTINUED.

The appointment will be at least 1-1/2 hours.

  1. If you are allergic to the suspected allergen on skin testing, you may develop a localized allergic reaction, like a mosquito bite, that will be itchy and red. This reaction is usually short lived and does not require any treatment.  Rarely does skin testing lead to systemic reactions, i.e., sneezing, coughing and/or wheezing, but this may happen. If these reactions are identified, medications in our office will be used promptly to reverse your allergic response to testing.

Preparation for Appointment

Areas for Testing:
Skin prick:  Usually will be conducted on the arm. If unable to test on the arm, the back will be used.

Please dress appropriately so that we may have access to the arm or back for testing

If you have a positive test:

The majority of the time, you will develop localized allergic reactions over the skin test site, like a mosquito bite. 

All patients will be tested to our “controls” where we expect to see both a positive allergic response to histamine and a negative allergic response to saline.

Allergy skin testing

For Penicillin Allergy Testing:
Please be aware there will be a $40 fee for Penicillin serum.  We accept cash, VISA, or Interac.

For Other Medication Allergy Testing:

A prescription for the suspected medication will be forwarded to the Marchese Pharmacy.  You will be asked to contact them at 905-528-4201 several weeks in advance of the appointment to discuss payment.

*Cancellations must be made more than 24 hours prior to the appointment time*
*All missed appointments will be subject to a fee*

If you are on beta-blocker therapy, you will require permission to
    discontinue your beta-blocker for four (4) days prior to this
   WHILE ON A BETA-BLOCKER** If you cannot tolerate
    discontinuing your beta-blocker prior to the appointment, then we
    suggest a consultation first with our team. Please have the referring
    physician contact our office with the particulars if there are any

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