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Why Circumcise?

Circumcision is a procedure where the skin covering the end of the penis (known as the foreskin), is removed, leaving the tip exposed. Like any medical procedure, circumcision is not without risks, however more research has provided increasing evidence for the health benefits of the procedure. Some general benefits include:

  1. -easier genital hygiene

  1. -lower risk of getting cancer of the penis, a rare type of cancer

- protective against syphilis disease

  1. -lower prevalence of human papillomavirus (HPV) infection and herpes simplex virus type 2 (HSV-2) transmission. Studies found a 30% to 40% reduction in risk of infection among circumcised males.

  1. -the foreskin’s thin inner surface is sensitive to microtears and abrasions, which provides easier entry for pathogens. The foreskin also contains a high density of HIV target cells, which could facilitate HIV infection. The circumcised male has no foreskin and may likely be less at-risk.

  1. -studies show that urinary-tract infection (UTI) incidence among boys under 2 years is reduced in those who were circumcised compared with uncircumcised boys.

Source: American Academy of Pediatrics

*Click here for the printable circumcision preparation and consent form.*


Circumcision Preparation and Aftercare Management

Instructions before the procedure:
Please purchase:
2 boxes of 3 inch by 3 inch sterile gauzes (individual pads)
1 tube of "K-Y" clear jelly
1 tube of Polysporin

Please bring:
3 extra diapers
1 pair of socks
A receiving blanket
Easy-to-open baby sleeper, snaps please

A baby soother (if baby uses one)

A baby bottle with warm water, 3 oz (100 mls) mixed with
1 teaspoon of sugar to be given during procedure - *not formula!*

From 1 hour PRIOR to the procedure:
Hold further feeding
Please give 0.75 mls of acetaminophen (Tylenol) at this time.

Instructions after the procedure:
The baby may cry almost every time he urinates. It is "normal" to see swelling at the site for a few days, this resolves by 2 weeks.
If the baby has not urinated at all for 6 hours after the circumcision, please notify our office.
The diapers and/or sheets may be stained pink or bloody. If the area is small, less than a toonie, please observe to ensure no further bleeding. If the bleeding continues, or increases in amount staining the diaper, please notify Dr. Ohayon.

Tempra or Tylenol drops 0.5 mL may be given 4 hours from last dose as needed for pain during the first 1-2 days after the ritual circumcision.

Instructions for managing the surgical site:
Week 1:

No bathing for the rest of the day and first night after circumcision.
Before your follow-up appointment, bathe your son and remove the yellow bandage in a counter clockwise direction. If bandage falls off on its own, do not try to re-apply.
With every diaper change, alternate application of K-Y Jelly and Polysporin in the centre of a 3” x 3” sterile gauze pad and place over the end of the penis so that the area of the circumcision is covered with K-Y after each diaper change.

Continue applying K-Y and gauze onto the wound until follow-up with Dr. Ohayon.

Frequent diaper changes are advised until complete healing has occurred.
If there is any green or foul smelling discharge, notify Dr. Ohayon and apply Bactroban antibiotic cream
From Day 4 post-circumcision, begin gentle retraction of the remaining skin behind the circumcision site (see image below)

Weeks 2 & 3:

Stop the gauze and continue with K-Y Jelly application by Q-tip on the ring of the glans (See image for location of glans).

If you have an urgent concern for bleeding that is not controlled, severe irritability or fever, please go to the Emergency Room at your nearest Hospital.

If you have any further questions, please contact our office at 905-777-0088.

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