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Patch testing involves three appointments in our office, typically:

  • Monday for Patch Application

  • Wednesday for Patch Removal (48 hours later)

  • Thursday or Friday for Patch Reading (72 hours later)

There may be an option of the final patch reading approximately 96 hours later from application versus the standard 72 hour.

Please plan 1½ hours for the first appointment; subsequent appointments should not exceed 45 minutes.

Our general panel for contact allergy testing. Contains 70 commonly allergenic compounds.

Common Panel

If jewellery, metal tools or certain foods cause rashes, pain or irritation you may be allergic to a metal.

Metals Panel

Specific components of makeup, lotions and creams can cause skin reactions in certain individuals.

Cosmetics Panel

Certain metals and plastics present in both dental and surgical implants can result in allergic responses.

Dental Panel

Patch 70 Patch Metals Patch Cosmetic Patch Dental Patch Testing

A wide variety of foods can be tested  to help diagnose and manage conditions like eosinophilic esophagitis.

Delayed Food Allergies

Used for screening of those anticipating orthopedic impant surgery.

Bone Cement Panel

Dyes used in a variety of products may result in contact allergy.

Dye Panel

Components of shoe soles or sunscreen can cause localized rashes.

Shoe and Sunscreen Panels

Food Patch Protocol Patch Dye Patch Shoe & Sunscreen

General information on what to do before your appointment and while the patch is applied.

Patch Instructions

Patch Protocol.pdf